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Health/Hoof Care Products

We carry a large selection of products for your horse's health including: nutritional supplements (see our product education page), fly sprays, many types of shampoos (some so delish you'll buy some for your own hair), coat shine, hoof care products for maintenance and for show, ice boots (see below), liniments, wound treatments, vet wrap, fly sheets, shipping boots, boots for training etc.

Pictured here are some of our hoof/health care products. We have name brand and tried and true products. Let our knowledgeable staff help you to choose the products which are right for you and your horses.

These nine-pocket ice boots are a great investment for immediate drug-free care of your horse's injury. Easy to strap on so you don't have to try to hold the ice on a fidgety/kicking horse. A must-have for multi-horse training barns, or any serious rider.


Jelly curry $4.99

Mane & Tail brush 3.99
Hoofpicks 1.49, 1.99, 3.25, .99
Heavy Duty Combs 1.99
Shedding Blade 6.99
Shedding Blade, round double 7.99 (2098)

Sweat Scraper 4.49

Sweat Scrapers, silver 1.75, black metal 2.29
grif rap self adhesive, reusable bandage 2.49
basic plastic curry 2.99
oval rubber curry 4.99 (2103)
kids oval rubber curry 2.25 (2104)
Dandy brush, large 5.99, small 4.99
Metal Combs 2.99 each, thinning blade 8.99
Horse Head Comb .90
Flexi Body Brush 6.99
Large Body Sponge 2.49
Braiding elastics 2.95/bag
Braiding Kit 19.99
grooming stone 8.95 magic groomer 7.99
Bot Knife 6.95  



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Phone: 613-372-5085
4930 Hwy 38,  Harrowsmith, Ontario K0H 1V0


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