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Hoof Care Products

Here at HHC, we have plenty of products to keep your horse's hooves healthy: Funky and traditional hoof picks. Hoof brushes, Tuff Stuff to keep the moisture in. Hooflex, Feibing's, Rainmaker, to condition and make the hoof more pliable. As well, we have files and hoof knives for those between farrier touch-ups.

 Here's the facts on some of our favourite hoof-care products:

Hooflex® Original Conditioner
Hooflex® Original Conditioner is America's best selling hoof conditioner and has been recommended by farriers for over 85 years. Its unique formulation of nine therapeutic ingredients helps maintain the pliability of the entire hoof by providing the conditioners necessary for proper moisture balance. Regular use of Hooflex will keep the frog, sole, heal, and coronary band flexible, healthy, and resistant to cracking.
  • Maintains proper moisture balance in hoof
  • Increases flexibility to prevent cracks
  • Contains more active ingredients than any other hoof conditioner or dressing
  • Formulated to maintain pliability of the entire hoof
  • Creates a "breathable barrier" of waxes and oils that allows for the natural exchange of moisture in the hoof
  • Leaves a luster on the hoof 
  • Increases hoof flexibility that helps prevent cracks and helps hooves absorb shocks. It has antibacterial/antifungal action which research has proven to help prevent infections like thrush and white line disease.
  • Works to resolve (existing) hoof problems
  • Helps maintain strong, flexible hooves when riding on rocky or hard surfaces
  • Keeps coronary band supple for healthy hoof growth

 Feibing's Hoof Dressing

Since 1895, ranchers, breeders, stage operators and the U.S. Cavalry have relied on Fiebing quality. Fiebing’s Hoof Dressing is today, as it was then, the professional horseman’s standard for treating corns, quarter cracks, split hoofs and brittleness. Used regularly it also helps maintain healthy feet. Also improves hoof appearance, imparting a semi-gloss finish.

Now our traditional formula meets packaging innovation as Fiebing’s Hoof Dressing with the brush top applicator now includes a built in hoof pick to gently clean your horse’s feet prior to applying Hoof Dressing.

Packaged in 32 ounce with brush top applicator and 32 ounce refill.

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